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America, the birthplace of great ideas

Math's Mate USA was formed in 2002. The original founders, teachers by trade, discovered the benefits the Math's Mate Program offered to students whilst on an international teaching fellowship in Australia. Interestingly, it was while doing a teaching exchange in the United States that the Author developed the idea of Math's Mate. It goes to show what amazing things can happen when you collaborate globally!



sQuiyza is a digital platform that showcases the interactive Math's Mate Program. The platform was designed for the busy teachers who need comprehensive diagnostic results without spending time on corrections.

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Joseph Wright

Joe is the original author of Math's Mate and the founding director of The Educational Advantage Pty Ltd. In 1994 Joe was awarded an International Teaching Fellowship to the United States of America. After returning to Australia Joe continued to work on creating a program that provides students with the necessary regular practice of key mathematical skills. 


Joanna Tutos

Joanna started out as a teacher by profession. She has worked at The Educational Advantage for 22 years and now works in product development, curriculum alignment and editing. Joanna has incorporated her professional and academic excellence into creating mathematical content for the Math's Mate Program.


Rebecca Locke

Rebecca  is the Managing Director of Math's Mate USA Inc. As a former NCAA Division 1 Scholar-Athlete and summa cum laude graduate, she is committed to achieving a high-level across the board. Her work in the United States and Australia has added a depth of knowledge to Math's Mate USA. 

sQuizya - set to revolutionise education

sQuizya - set to revolutionise education

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